Staff Party at CONEXPO RUSSIA 2008

In Sept, 2008 we opened the tradeshow   CONEXPO exhibiton of construction equipment of which I was the show organizer. This picture is about 25% of the show !!!   I also did other Construction shows some with different China, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Panama and Mexico City.

 I had an office in Moscow and went there every three weeks for several years preparing . After the show closed we held a party for the both staff from the US and staff from Moscow and China.

In Moscow Russia...... Sexton….a night club, outdoor theatre, concert stage, disco, Mexican restaurant and owned by the Night Wolves, a motorcycle gang!!
  They turned an automobile junk yard into a replica of Barter Town....from the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.......Most bizarre and fun place I’ve
ever been !!!
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SEXTON VIDEO    They have parties like this EVERY Fri & Sat.