Charrlin Family Photos      
edited by Larry L Charrlin.......current as of Feb 2021.
Andrew J Charrlin.....founding father of the Charrlin clan.

Andrew    (Anders) was born July 26, 1840 in Vaxtorg parish in Karr, Halland, Sweden,   father was  Jons Larsson and mother was Bengta Larsdattor.    As is the norm in Sweden and other  Scandinavian countries,  children took the name of the fathers first name as their last…….so Andrew was born as Anders Jonsson., because he was  Jons  son !! 

Andrew had three brothers,   Sven,  Nils,  and Lars and two sisters,  Lusse, and Anna.

  Andrew came to the Americas when he was 29 yrs old, with Anna and Sven.He came in throuh Canada, then to Chicago finally settling in Vermillion, SD.  He was a blacksmith and later founder of the Swedish Cngregatioanl church. Mystery # 1 is in the process, we now know his given name, but still not why or when he changed his name, nor why Sven changed his also.   I assume it was because Jonsson was such a common name.

A family cousin in Sweden....says this is the farm where Andrew was born.
Andrews wife.
Andrew and wife on their wedding day....taken in Norway. 
Andrew and Anna had seven boys and one girl who died a birth.  The boys are John,  Albert, Julius, Fred, Henry, Vernette and Ole.

Albert Charrlin.....above.......with his wife Sarah on the right. Picture below......with their sons Schuyler and Arden. I had the pleasure of meeting Arden in Long Beach, Ca many years ago.
  Julius Ovant Charrlin
  Fred grandfather. was Married to Clara Hillary and had three father, Kenneth and Robin.  Fred raised horses and had one Vulcan horse imported from England. Next five photos are of his ranch in South Dakota and of his horses.
Ole and Josephine with Andrew and Anna fishing !!   Quite a catch.
My parents....Dakota and Laurence.....both deceased.  
They had four in Rapid City SD,   myself...Larry and in Gillette, WY and Dave in Indianapolis.

Clara                        Carolyn            Dave
The following are photos of my immediate family  
  Larry and Deb.....we live in a suburb of Chicago.
Will celebrate 54 years on April 1, 2021 !!
  Son...Jason.....lives in Chicago suburb.  Has four children.  Picture taken on a motorcycle trip out West with Jason and myself. Great trip.  More can be seen on front page...Father and Son BMW Tour !!
  Jason's gang   L-R   Henry.... Junior Highland Park HS, Halle....Junior  at Tulane in New Orleans, Jack....graduated in in LA...and Palm Springs....has apartment on the water in Long Beach....surfs every day !! 
Joe...Sophomore at Univ. Of Colorado.

Jack lives in this house when in Palm Springs....23 yrs old and living the life !!!

  Daughter  Britny......and Sadie   lives in same town as we do.
Britny's gang.....Lucy and Nolan  

Lucy.....Junior Univ Hawaii....married to Marine based there.  Taking a walk.....she lives 3 minutes from the beach !!  Absolutly loves Hawaii !!

And husband Michael..........just back from being deployed for six months on the USS America...amphibious assault ship, as a drone operator.

RQ-21 drone
Nolan and his girlfriend   Sophie.  Both Juniors in HS